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1. What is the difference between UH-DMU and other colleges at Dalian Maritime University?

Like other colleges, the Institute is a second-level college under DMU. Program recruitment processes have been integrated into the university's overarching recruitment plan and students’ testing scores need to reach the according province’s entry score. The diplomas and degrees conferred are identical with students of other colleges in DMU. But unlike other colleges, as a Chinese-foreign cooperatively run institute, UH-DMU adopts the cultivation plan by international standard. There is no need for students of the institute to go abroad to finish their study. Also, they are eligible to get awarded a bachelor’s degree of relevant programs from University of Houston if requirements on graduation are fully met. The degree is exactly the same as the one UH students receive.

2. In terms of the three programs (Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering) offered, are there any differences towards the counterparts in DMU?

For programs offered through UH-DMU, they’ve extensively absorbed American practices regarding cultivation plans, curriculum settings, educational concepts, teaching methods and teaching staff. In terms of the introduction of courses, the introduction ratio of professional core courses reaches 100%.

3. Why students choose to attend UH-DMU for further study over other traveling abroad opportunities?

From the perspective of the learning process, undergraduate study is a significant period for career development and a key stage for world outlook, view of life and values. Accurate guidance is of vital importance. Going abroad after graduation from high school is a "single-handed" challenge for most children. They are required to accept and overcome the impact of language barriers, cultural discrepancies, educational system divergences, and various lifestyles.

From the perspective of learning results, UH-DMU is closely integrated with foreign educational resources. It is the best choice for students who plan to go abroad for further studies in the future. It provides a smooth transition in life and learning and is helpful in applying for world-class universities down the road.

From the perspective of financial costs, the advantage of a “dual degree” saves time and reduces costs. It is a low-input and high-yield learning opportunity.

4. Does UH-DMU have requirements for college entrance examination English scores during recruitment?

The institute has no entry score set for students' English scores in the college entrance examination. During the course of the freshman year, students mainly take basic courses, equipped with intensive English courses to improve their language skills, including application and learning ability. Intensive training enables students to adapt to English teaching as soon as possible.

5. After admission, what kind of standards of language should students meet? What happens if they are not up to standard?

Students are required to get intensive English learning in the first year after admission. Before the end of their freshman year, students are obliged to reach the standard by IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 79 or Duolingo test 105. Also, they must be able to adapt to the English teaching environment. For students whose language scores do not meet the requirements, they are requested to redistribute in the junior year. After completing the graduation requirements and degree granting regulations of our school, they can obtain the bachelor’s degree certificate and an undergraduate diploma from Dalian Maritime University.

6. Is it mandatory for students in UH-DMU to go abroad?

No. Going abroad to study is not a requirement to receive degrees from both universities. When students finish the first 2 or 3 years study, they can voluntarily apply to complete 1 or 2 years abroad at UH, or they can complete their degrees entirely at DMU. Meanwhile, while studying at UH-DMU, students are eligible for participating in overseas exchange programs and winning scholarships. For instance, students can take advantage of summer/winter vacation programs in UK, US, Canada, Japan and Korea, etc. Graduates with excellent grades can directly apply to the University of Houston for further study to acquire master's and doctoral degrees.

7. How much is the tuition fee?

In the course of study at UH-DMU, students shall pay the tuition fee for programs of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools to Dalian Maritime University.

If students decide to travel to the University of Houston for part of their study, the payment shall be made to the University of Houston based on their standard fees for programs of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools. For students in redistribution management, students are responsible for fees for programs of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools paid to Dalian Maritime University.

8. Is it possible for students to transfer into the program during study in UH-DMU?

Students may not transfer into UH-DMU from one of the Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools’ programs. They can transfer programs within UH-DMU only. To find out more information on transfer requirements and processes, please check Regulations on the Student Registration Management for Non-navigational Undergraduates of Dalian Maritime University.

9. Can students of UH-DMU get postgraduate recommendations and receive academic scholarships and honorary titles?

Students enjoy the same rights as other full-time undergraduates in terms of postgraduate recommendation, the evaluation of scholarships, and honorary titles. The relevant standards and regulations are consistently implemented in accordance with the requirements of DMU.